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When you think about your body what comes to mind? Gratitude for its ability to allow you to experience a dizzying array of sensations? Wonderment at its miraculous form and function? Pride at its strength and resiliency? I believe massage therapy, proper nutrition, the daily use of herbs, and other vitalist practices can be your invitation to honor and adore your body on a deep and compassionate level. Everyone experiences pain, aging, and the modern over-load of toxins that can make us feel dissatisfied with our bodies. Too many people struggle with negative self-image which keeps them from living to the fullest. But, we do not have to allow ourselves to feel less-than because we don’t look like the air-brushed and photo-shopped images we are bombarded with every day. You are worthy of feeling good in your body right now. Massage therapy is for EVERYbody and has been proven many times over to have as many psycological benefits as physical benefits. Do not underestimate the power of human touch! Massage therapy can be a powerful tool to combat pain, promote flexibility, and encourage an awareness of wholeness and of well being. And when massage, nutrition, and herbalism are combined, balance can be brought to the whole body, inside and out. 

Thai Massage, Table Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage:

60 Minutes: $80

30 Minutes: $50

90 Minutes: $120


15 Minute Chair Massage: :$20

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage: $130

90 Minute Lymphatic Dry Brush Massage: $130

120 Minute Vital Health Recovery Consultation: $150

60 Minute Vital Health Recovery Follow-Up: $80

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