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Sandhills Horizon is proud to offer herbal classes to groups as well as to individuals. Incorporating plants into our lives is a beautiful way to enrich our health and add vitality and dimension to our lives. The classes listed below are designed to demystify the world of plants and offer fun and creative ways to add herbs to your daily life. 

Herbs, Salves, and Butters for a Radiant Life: Learn the art and science of herbal salve making! Go on an adventure where plants and oils come together to nourish, protect, and enliven the body. In this class you will learn varying methods of creating infused oils. As you become acquainted with an array of beneficial plants and oils they will become a palette for wellness, healing, and self-expression. Finally, the class will culminate with the alchemy of salve and herbal butter making. Participants will leave with a salve created together as a class. 


Herbal Teas: Blending for Balance and Bliss: What if you could find vitality, ritual, and bliss in your favorite tea mug? Imagine a daily opportunity to nourish yourself on a deep and personal level. The art of herbal tea blending brings together the science of phytochemistry with the art of flavor and harmonious living. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your tastebuds and this class introduce you to a new path to a balance life through herbal tea. The class will cover the basics of herbal actions and flavors as well as give participants the chance to blend their own personalized tea to take home and enjoy. 


Herbs for Vitality and Sensuality: Ancient cultures have known for millennia the power of plants to increase and harness a person’s Vital Force. There is a world of beauty and sensuality ready to be explored with plants as our guides, teachers, and healers. Discover bath and beauty rituals to enliven your body and spirit. Tap into the power of ancient plant medicine to bring strength and resilience to your body at any age and stage. Herbs can be wonderful allies to brighten every aspect of your life. In this class we will explore practical recipes and strategies to to wake up the best in you. Participants with be given an aphrodisiac tea to take home and enjoy. 


Herbs For Winter Health: As the seasons turn cold and the stress of The Holiday’s mount, herbs are there to offer exactly what we need to stay healthy, centered, and resilient. This class will explore natural living and seasonal eating strategies, herbal allies, and much more to bolster the odds of having a wonderfully well winter. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to make elderberry syrup, fire cider, and other recipes aimed at boosting immunity and fighting off common winter-time infections. 


Herbs For Her: Maiden, Mother, Crone: Women have long been the keepers of wisdom regarding the inner magnificence of their bodies. And all along they have had plant allies to help them through every age and stage of their lives. This class will explore herbal nourishment specific to female vitality. We will discuss reproductive health from monarch to menopause and everything in-between. 




The world of herbalism offers as many different avenues for wellness as there are wildflowers in a field. Let community herbalist, Becca Wingebach custom tailor an herbal class specifically for you or your group. Becca is willing to travel and delights in sharing her passion for plant medicine. 



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