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What is Vitalism?

I used to think of myself as a bodyworker and a herbalist. Now I think of myself as a Vitalist that uses massage and herbs, along with nutrition, and lifestyles suggestions to help clients align with life in such a way as to optimize the expression of the Vitalist Force in their being. Chi, Pranna, Holy Spirit: I don’t care what you call it, our Vital Force is the animating spark. It is the power that brings back the green of spring after the dark of winter year after year (as my teacher, Paul Bergner, always says. Vital Force is the magic, the unexplained essence that bestows life on organic systems. And it is constantly moving towards its highest possible expression.

Even illness and disease is an attempt by the Vital Force to seek a solution to obstacles and hinderances to its flow. Treating symptoms alone will never create health. The root cause of illness must be diligently and persistently sought and remedied if the goal is lasting robust health.

There are certain non-negotiable requirements for health. Nutrition, sleep, movement, connected relationships, and purpose are the bedrock of a life rich with Vitality. When any of these areas are out of balance, disruptions and malfunctions begin. Over-time, if left unchecked, illness begins to manifest.

The beauty of this understanding, is that each human being has within their power the ability to take control of their wellbeing in a dramatic and profound way.

Simple changes can make radical results.

But simple doesn’t always equate with easy. In a society saturated in fast-food, instant gratification, and dopamine dependence, the path to Vitality can feel obscured and difficult to tread.

But, I promise you, every step you take towards Self Mastery, no matter how small, will have positive ripples in your life. Self-discipline is the highest act of self-love, and the more health you have the more love and energy you have to give to the world. When people feel good, they do good. That’s what keeps me going.

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