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Massage, A Good Choice. 


Everyday we have the chance to make choices that positively effect our health. It is well known that what we eat, what we drink, and our activity level plays a significant role in our health. Less well known but equally true, is that receiving regular massage can have a dramatic effect on our well-being. Massage has been clinically shown to improve circulation, which in-turn positively effects all other system of the body. Massage promotes everything from lymphatic drainage to more efficient digestion and respiration. Further, massage is proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety, both of which have been shown to have lasting health consequences. Many people mistake massage as a luxury only to be enjoyed on occasion. And while it's true that a little massage goes a long way, massage can be a vital component of an individual's healthy living strategy. Perhaps we are unaccustomed to something that feels so good to be just as good for us! If only the same could be said for ice cream!

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